Studying the Bible means learning to ask the right questions to help interpret the text. Here are some steps to put into practice

  1. Read through and make initial observations
    1. Who are the characters
    2. What is going on
    3. Where is this taking place
  2. Ask the important questions
    1. Who is speaking
    2. Who is this about
    3. Who is God talking to
    4. Who are the main characters
    5. What is the point of the passage
      1. What event is being discussed
      2. What can we learn about the people, the main event, the doctrine spoken of
      3. When does this happen or will it happen
      4. Why is this being said
      5. Why would this happen
      6. Why at that time or to that people
      7. How will it happen
      8. How is it illustrated
  3. Once you understand what is being said you must find out the overall meaning.
    1. Why did He include this story
    2. What is the primary meaning
    3. What is the author trying to communicate
    4. Remember the main questions you need to answer is What failure of man is being addressed or corrected in this passage
    5. How does this get me to Calvary
  4. How does this passage apply to us
    1. What actions do we need to take to make this passage do its job in our lives
    2. What is God trying to say to me through this passage
    3. How am I thinking wrongly about God and need correcting based on this passage
  5. Help them see the main point
  6. Show them how to get from the passage to Jesus and Calvary
  7. Teach them how to apply the passage to every aspect of their lives
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