All Bible should be interpreted literally unless God indicates otherwise

  1. We believe the Bible, the 66 books, are God inspired, inerrant, and preserved so that we can see what God said
  2. Our job is to understand the passage in its context
    1. Who wrote it
    2. Who did he write it to
    3. What was his purpose in writing the passage
    4. How would it have been understood in the context it was written
    5. What was God telling His people
  3. Find the teaching that God is making and see how it applies to today
  4. While many might find the allegory there would be no way to be sure that their application was correct
    1. It would be subject to the opinion of the preacher
    2. It might change depending on its time in history or the culture of the people
    3. It would mean different things to different people
  5. Believing that we can find what God is saying by studying the text shows several truths
    1. We believe that it is really a God book and perfectly able to communicate His truth
    2. We believe that God was speaking to His people through His man, the writer
    3. Since we believe that the text can be trusted our job is to study the words, sentences, paragraphs, etc to find what God is saying
    4. We believe we can faithfully communicate the truths God intended from the passage before us
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