Brothers, is a pleasure to be able to address you knowing of your love to the work for God and your constant prayers for our ministries in Peru.

Hunter Baptist Church
Last month was our anniversary, from the 24th till the 27th of June. We have now 21 years of existence; it was very pleasing to have the visit of many pastors and missionaries who we gave classes in the afternoons and the topic of missions at night. We covered their round trip fares for them to be able to be with us in such a special date. Pastors from Lambayeque, Lima, Moquegua, Tacna, Mollendo and Chivay, arrived besides having pastors form our own city. Many of them had lunch and dinner with the brothers of our church, to whom I deeply thank for their generosity.

Smyrna Baptist Church
New families continue arriving to our church, thanks to the work of the same brothers and workers of the church. With many of them we have started a discipleship, like the Moran family have been coming to church for many months now. Moreover, on Sunday June 27th we had the baptism of Julio, a young and much appreciated member of our church.

Berea Baptist Church
Our church had its first field trip, besides adopting its first missionary, brother Luis Benites who Works in Lince, Lima. We have discipleship groups on Saturdays and our best attendance was on Tuesday June 29th with 36 people.

Christian School
Last month we had our parents’ school, in which we talked about the topic “We do talk about sex to our children”. On Friday the 18th we had a moving meeting for parents and students for its day. Moreover, on Saturday the 19th we had teachers’ training, where we saw the importance of biblical filters in the students’ minds.

Macedonia Baptist College
We finished our semester on July 2nd, and we will start our classes again on Tuesday August 10th. We are looking forward to receiving a new group of students. I thank the pastors that each year help us with the dictation of classes and the advisory of the students.

Radio and TV
We continue with the program of every Sunday. I wanted to share with you that a woman heard the program for 5 consecutive Sundays, and on June 27th she visited erea Baptist Church together with her husband. They live only two blocks away from the church! On Tuesday the 29th they came again and on Saturday the 3rd we started the discipleship. We talked for almost two hours! Their interest is high I ask for your prayers for them. Their names are Emilio and Rocio.

On Thursdays at 5pm till 5:30 pm we started a program live on a short wave channel that we have at college, which can be reached only locally. We continue with the topic of families. On Thursday the 24th we had a program with three of our guest pastors. It was very special.

Your prayers for:
– Our trip to Moquegua, to preach at Opened Door Baptist Church, of Pastor Wilber Hallasi from July 15th to the 18th. The topic will be “Families”.
– The couples and leaders retreatment at Vitor’s valley, from July 22nd to the 24th.
– The XII Youngsters Congress, to take place at our College, from July 27th to the 30th.

Thank you for your faithfulness and friendship. Blessings.

Miguel Murillo

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