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Below you will find a letter from pastor Wilber Hallasi. His wife is the lady that was supposed to die and God miraculously kept alive. The baby was also in great danger but God pulled her through the first time.

Now things are bad again. They need your prayers and financial support. Feel free to make a comment here on the blog or to write me at gardner@bcwe .org if you want to encourage them or to help in some way.

I will translate the letter and for those of you that read Spanish you will find the original letter below. Please be in prayer. This is a super fine young man of God. He has matured beyond his years with all that has happened in his life lately.


My little daughter is in a very dangerous situation similar to what my wife faced when she was in the hospital. Her heart my fail at any moment and the infection will not go down. That is why we have decided to buy stronger medicines.

Now she is being treated like as though she were in intensive care in the Goyeneche Hospital. She has all the machines connected to her and medical care 24 hours a day. It would be a serious risk to move her to the other hospital in her present condition.

We decided to get intensive care nurses to watch my little daughter because there aren’t enough doctors in the emergency room. This is costing us 120 soles for 12 hours. The emergency room doctor is helping us with contacts. Pray that God will provide. (120 soles is about $40 to $50 for the 12 hour period which is super big money for this young man)

On top of that we are purchasing very expensive medicines. Pray that God will restore our daughter to health in the next few hours.

Thank you.

.mi hijita esta muy grave su situacion es como la de mi esposa cuando estaba en uci su corazon puede hacer paro cardiaco en cualquier momento y la infeccion que no baja por eso optamos poe comprar medicamento mas fuertes
ahora ella esta como si estuviera en cuidados intensivos en emergencia del hospital goyeneche pues tiene todos los aparatos conectados y medico las 24 horas y seria riesgozo trasladarla a otro hopital en las condiciones que se encuentra mi hijita
lo que optamos es contratar enfermeras intensivistas para que la vean a mi hijtita pues las enfermeras de emergencia no se abastecen ya que mi hijta amerita un cuidado intensivo, nos esta costando 120 soles por 12 horas el doctor de cuidados intensivos nos apoyo con los contactos, oraciones para que Dios nos provea
ademas tambien estamos comprando el meropenemn y otras medicamentos caros todos los dias
por favor oren para que Dios pueda restablecer la salud de mi hijita en estas proximas horas

It would be wonderful if God would touch the heart of someone to give a special offering to help this couple. Let me know and I will tell you how to get your money to them.

  • Posted December 23, 2009 8:37 am
    by lubabalo sitole

    hey pastor I would be glad if you send me some of your pleaching outline, i’m struggling with my outlining. and many more

  • Posted December 25, 2009 11:13 am
    by wagardner

    Greetings brother

    Thanks to all of you for your prayers and your financial help. You are a great encouragement for us.

    My little daughter is still connected to tubes and has not gotten out of danger but I trust that she will be out of danger soon

    This night my family spent the night in the hospital next to the our little daughter’s bed and it was a very special night.

    Thank you

    saludos hermano
    gracias por todos ustedes en sus oraciones y su ayuda economica son de mucho animo para nosotros
    aun mi hijta esta entubada y o sale de peligro pero confio que lo hara pronto
    esta noche mi familia la pasaremos en el hospital junto a la cama de mi hijta sera muy especial
    y desearles a todos ustedes que la pasen en familia esta noche especial

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