Let me describe a beautiful scene for you:

A fourteen year boy stands on the front porch of a house with a big smile on his face and many thoughts going through his mind. His closest buddies have just pushed him to the front of the group becuase it was his time “up to bat”. A man responds to the doorbell and walk to the door of his $500,000 house to see who is there and what do they want. He arrives at the door to see 3 teenage boys there waiting for him to open the door. He opens the door and a man who very likely spends him time getting orders or giving orders to very accomplished¬†businessmen or computer gurus is captivated stands there patiently as the boy speaks. “Hello, sir my name is Adam and these are my friends Seth and Justin. We are part of the youth group of Vision Baptist Church. On saturdays we like to take some time to let people know how much they are loved by Jesus. Here is an invitation to our church.”

I don’t think it gets better then that! My wonderful teenagers knocked on over 130 houses today in just over an hour of time. I think teenagers are the best members of the church family for these type of work. Think about it. A couple of teenagers stand at your door — you are not intimated by them and you are pretty curious to know what they want. You hear a teen do something other then raise money for his school, ask to mow you yard, or apoligize for shooting out your window with a bb gun you are surprised.

The scene I gave at the beginning happened dozens of times today. Today we went on visitation to quite normal size houses for our area. However, most teenagers get to go visit in a place like this. We leave the rich for the professionals or better yet we leave them alone.. because we know they don’t think they need God. Next week we will be starting our visitation out by praying in South Forsyth HS parking lot. (We will talk about this more later)

I want my teenagers to experience ministry among the poor, weak, the unattractive, the rich, strong, and the attractive. I want them to become “ultra portable disciple makers”. We have a long way to go, but some day I want them to get to a point where they could parachute into any part of the world and be equipped to minister.

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