This weekend my family had the pleasure of spending time with the people of New Life Baptist Church in Pickens, SC. They are a wonderful group of believers we a heart and mind for missions. I have been able to get to know several of the young couples and teenagers from the church through our various Our Generation Events. Pastor Brandon Freeman, Jennifer (his wife), and the church family there have become friend with many of the missionaries from the mission board I serve. For this we are extremely grateful.

The objective for Sunday was to encourage, and equip members of the church to become Pioneer Senders. I knew we were going to have a great time when the question “How many of you if given ways to be more involved in foreign missions as a senders would act upon the?” was answered with a hearty “Amen!”. It is a passion of mine to encourage and equip laymen and ladies who desire to fully engaged in missions as a sender.

Here is a basic outline of the day. The people of New Life were able to follow along if they desired in the handbook I handed out.

1. Combined Sunday School

  • Gave definition of Pioneer Sender.
  • Told the story of William Carey concerning the holding of the rope.
  • Gave stats about Baptist churches in America. ($330,000 for every person saved and baptisted)
  • Challenged them to be students of the Word. (Theology + understanding of History = missions philosophy)
  • Taught 3 expectations of Pioneer Senders (Look for leaders in the harvest, wake firemen, embrace a “war time” lifestyle.

2. Morning Service

I shared with them a passage of scripture (John 1) and an experience that I had in India that was life changing for me as it pertains how I view evangelism. We will truly love missions (the process used to spread the Gospel around the world) only when we truly love the Gospel!

3. Evening Service

Pickens, much like Atlanta where I live, is a highly “religious” part of the country. We looked at John 9 and saw some characteristics of the Pharisees. Understanding the mind and heart of an unbeliever should drive us to pray for missions and ask God to do only what He God do in their lives!

My wife and I seldom miss a Sunday at Vision Baptist Church but we were honored and grateful for the opportunity to spend time with Pastor Freeman and the church. Challenging laymen and women to be Pioneer Senders is something that I have a strong desire to do. Thank you to all of you that prayed for these services with us.

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