The following is from Sadie Xu’s facebook update. She is the wife of one of the pastors. Be praying for all there please.

Great Sunday morning church service! I always enjoy spending time with my family-in-Christ. Always is encouraging and spirit lifting. Especially today as one was baptized! She made a profession of faith a week ago; Has been coming to our church for two months.

It is very timely since our church persecution is not quite over yet. The persecution is taking place individually among the believers of our church.

Especially those who attend college. They are all be checked by college officials and being warned and admonished by their teachers to not go to church. Those who are apart of the Party (communism) have been told they need to give up their faith and have been made to write “confessions” about their faith and also write up reports of the other students faith/belief who attend our church. But they are all taking it in stride and not afraid to come back to church. In fact this has encouraged them to get more involved! Praise God!

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