World Evangelism Fellowship

November 9th-10th, 2020

Do you ever feel that the best days in missions are in the past?

Do you ever feel that the best days in missions are in the past? We believe that God can use us to reach the world in our generation. He wants to use you. Whether going to the mission field as a missionary or being used to send missionaries around, God has a place for you in world evangelism.

The World Evangelism Fellowship exists to encourage you to believe more and do more to reach the world with the gospel. As a guest, you will hear spirit-filled preaching and be a part of practical sessions on reaching the lost around you and the lost around the world.

Please join us for this one of a kind event, and see how God will be able to use you to reach the world in our generation

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About Us

We are a brotherhood of Independent Baptists unified in a singular cause: to evangelize the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ in this generation.

What is Our aim? It is to provide local churches with the information and resources that they need to be more involved in World Evangelism. We hope that by placing in your hands the wealth of knowledge garnered from Pastor Austin Gardner, Director Jeff Bush, the missionaries of Vision Baptist Missions, and other men we can prepare you to go forward in missions. 

We invite you to join us in the World Evangelism Fellowship monthly meetings and our yearly conference in November to learn more about how you and your church can join in the fight for World Evangelism!