On this day in 1744, David Brainerd, when asked to come administer the Lord’s Supper to a small English congregation without a pastor, responded that he would only come if they allowed him to bring some of his Indian disciples with him.

Though hesitant at first, the church finally agreed.  Brainerd recorded that:

I invited my people to go with me, who embraced the opportunity cheerfully, and attended the dis courses of that solemnity with diligence and affection, most of them now understanding something of the English language.

What was the response of this English congregation, when their service was crowded by a group of forigen people?

The pious people of the English (numbers of whom I had an opportunity to converse with) seemed refreshed with seeing the Indians worship God in that devout and solemn manner, and could not but glorify God, saying, ‘Then hath God also to the Gentiles granted repentance unto life.’

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