The following comes from the blog of Ben Johnson, a missionary to China out of Vision Baptist Church! It is blog that you should subscribe to. I hope you will consider taking him on and supporting him as one of your missionaries.

In 1888, Hudson Taylor spent time in North America seeking to raise laborers for the China Inland Mission. On one speaking occasion, he asked and had fourteen young people volunteer to go and serve in China. One of those volunteers was a girl named Susie Parker. Susie Parker was an only child. At one of the farewell meetings, Susie’s father came. He stood back with a tearful face watching his only daughter as she would soon be leaving for China.

Hudson Taylor noticed the man and upon seeing his tearful expression; he asked him to come forward to speak. Mr. Frost told of what his daughter meant to him and his wife. ” But I could only feel that I have nothing too precious for my Lord Jesus. He has asked for my very best; and I give, with all my heart, my very best to Him.”

Susie left and went to China. It was not long before she became sick and died of a malignant fever. A letter was sent to her father about his daughter’s death. He received the letter and, at first, was excited to receive it. It came from the China Inland Mission, so perhaps this was a correspondence with his daughter. He opened the letter and read the terrible news. Brokenhearted, he grabbed a piece of paper to write back to the China Inland Mission. These were the words he penned:

“I can still say, ‘I have nothing too precious for my Lord Jesus.”Susie Parker

What an attitude! Oh, that we might latch onto these words with all we have. What do we count more precious for our Lord? What do we hold onto so dearly that if Christ were to come to us and ask us to release it, we would strongly oppose his desire of it? Is it our things or maybe our family?

The fact is that there should be nothing too precious for Jesus Christ to have from us. Christ came to this earth and gave all He had. How can we even consider holding back from Him?

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