16 May, 1944

War Department

The Adjutant General’s Office

Washington 25, D.C.

AG 201 Pennington, Charles A.


Mrs. Annie R. Pennington,

Route #1

Williamsport, Tennessee.

Dear Mrs. Pennington:

It is with regret that I am writing to confirm the recent telegram informing you of the death of your son, Staff Sergeant Charles A. Pennington, 14,133,990, Air Corps, who was killed in action on 25 April 1944 over Italy.

I fully understand your desire to learn as much as possible regarding the circumstances leading to his death and I wish that there were more information available to give you. Unfortunately, reports of this nature contain only the briefest details as they are prepared under battle conditions and the means of transmission are limited.

I know the sorrow this message has brought you and it is my hope that in time the knowledge of his heroic service to his country, even unto death, may be sustaining comfort to you.

I extend to you my deepest sympathy.

Sincerely Yours,

Robert H. Dunlop

Brigadier General

Acting The Adjutant General

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