This morning I listened to John Piper teach for about an hour and half on the life of Charles Spurgeon. He reminded me of the fact that the writings of Spurgeon could fill up an encyclopedia set! He did this in a time without blogs and without computers He did this without ghost writers who would take your sermon, write a book, and call you the author. He did this before Christian publishers came up with the idea that you can print anything regardless of the lack of content as long as the cover will look good on the coffee table.

Youth workers we should write. I know that all my outlines, articles, lessons, etc wouldn’t fill an Dr. Seuss set of books. You are probably like me and love to teach the Bible. I love to find something “new” or see something I have never seen before and to share it with others.

There have been times in my life that I had so many ideas filling my head I couldn’t write them down in time. There have also, more common the not, been time where I felt as creative as a Amish wedding caterer. When I read I have ideas. When I have ideas I desire to teach. When I teach the Bible lives are changed. So I believe by recording what I learn will help me hold a standard of learning that will help me and all those around me.

Plus.. if you think my grammar is bad on this blog you should meet me in person. Writing helps me identify the common mistakes I make.

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