Dean Hamby just forwarded me the following message. Mrs. Anderson is a missionary with Macedonia World Baptist Missions.

Good Morning, Dean
I’m able to write for just a minute. Dean, CSI quest house is gone and we are staying in the back yard. Have a tarp set up out here, but am so thankful I can be with someone.

Pray for us today, we just heard we are to be hit again today. Huge tremors last night. Really they come every so often.

Dean, do you think you could possibly try to get me some help from the Embassy to get back up home. I don’t even know if they have water, cooking facilities, etc.

This is really very over-whelming but my how God has protected us. I’ve got to go now and let someone else use the computer while it is still on.

Love to you all and thank you for everything, your prayers and encouragement mean so much to us.


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  • Posted January 17, 2010 8:41 am
    by wagardner

    “Has there been any word today of Connie’s safety? I know she was asking in her last email for help from the state department getting to the house and I am wondering if anyone from the church is looking into that? I was also wondering if anyone from her mission church has thought about contacting the media to see if they could do anything to help get her up there. They have been doing all kinds of stories about Americans that are doing mission work and helping them find people and get supplies. Just a thought? Our family is very concerned for Connies safety and we worry every day that we do not here from her. Thank you for continuing to update us. Our family here is not getting information very quickly and in most cases I have been the one to get information to her children here in Michigan. Bless you!”

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