1. Not having realistic goals
    1. Not number of converts, baptisms, or attendance but number of leaders
    2. Plant churches where your leaders can exercise their gifts
  2. Not developing an indigenous church
  3. Thinking that people can be thrown away, they are no deposit, no return
  4. Not practicing church discipline with the goal of restoration
  5. Not allowing them to think for themselves or giving them the tools to think with
  6. Not treating the national leader with the respect that he deserves or would have if he were American
  7. Not continuing to prepare yourself and to grow
  8. The weakness of past missionary work is one church per term or get more missionaries to do the work
  9. Not producing leaders making it a reality that the national could do as much as you for a lot less money
  10. Not realizing that the number of churches is more important than the size of the church
  11. Not expecting the Death, Burial and Resurrection of your dream
  12. Not expecting the breaking
  13. Thinking that money is the answer to the problem of world evangelism
  14. Not practicing Life on Life Discipleship
  15. Not being willing to be accountable
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  • Posted March 19, 2013 4:49 pm
    by Kyle Sheridan

    Still listening to the podcasts as I am able to make time. In this one you mentioned that there are many more mistakes that could be mentioned. I would enjoy a Mistakes on the Mission Field Part 3.

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