Recently, I posted 5 Objections to Missions Involvement. I believe this is a very important part of the discipleship process. In the sanctification process of making us into the image of His Son we must align our lives with the mission and purpose he gave us.

#6 I just do not know how to get involved.

I understand the importance of givng people practival ways to get involved in the mission of the church. As I traveled full time in missions mobilization I was always mindful of trying not to frustrate people by helping them develop a desire to be involved with any practical steps to take. However, even though this is true people will find a way to get involved in what really matters to them. I have had students come up to me in the junior and senior year of college and ask how they can use what they are studying for the cause of missions. I normally have an answer however I choose to ask them this question. If you decided to study this subject but you do not know how it will allow you to further the Kingdom then how in the world did you decide it was God’s will?

Psalm 36:4

He deviseth mischief upon his bed; he setteth himself in a way that is not good; he abhorreth not evil.

The Bible tells us the evil man desires mischief so much he will devise new plans while lying in bed. How could any Christian with a proper world view not be over flowing with ideas to to further the cause of Christ?

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