I want to invite you to listen to a podcast where I was interviewed by Pastor DJ Harry. The title is Mission Boards and Local Church Accountability. Just click on the link and you will be there. I believe you will find that Pastor Harry does a good job each week. You will want to subscribe.

  • Some of our topics will include:
  • What is the history behind Vision Baptist Church?
  • How did your experience in missions affect the focus of your church plant in Alpharetta, Ga?
  • What do you see is the connection between missionaries and their sending church?
  • How long is the training to become a Vision missionary? Why do you think it is necessary?
  • What are some of the areas that you focus on during that training?
  • How do you stay connected with your missionaries while they are on deputation?
  • What about your mission trips…who can go, how to register?
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