Here are a couple of missionary testimonies that I think will bless you. I hope you will take the time to contact them and discuss their ministry.

Stephen Underwood, Missionary on Deputation to South Africa.

What in my childhood prepared me to be a missionary?

I was not raised in church and did not know what a missionary was until I was around 12 years old. My first impression was that a missionary goes to foreign countries and gives food and water and clothes to needy people. I thought that it would be really awesome to make a living getting to travel the world and help people.


It wasn’t until I began being involved in my youth group as a teenager that I began to grow and learn that missions was much more than just helping poor people. My pastor at the time, Wayne Cofield, made sure that our church always had plenty of exposure to missionaries. He preached that we should always be redeeming the time, and reaching the lost. To me, this meant in every corner of the world!


The summer I turned 15, I was able to go on my very first missions trip to Honduras. I was able to see the ministry that God had blessed the Tyson’s with and how their faithfulness of 40 years in Honduras was producing results for their labor. On that trip, we came upon a man lying in a ditch. He had been beating with a brick over a chicken and was dead. I couldn’t help but wonder what his eternal destination was. Where was this man? Heaven? Hell? I did not know. I do know that I’ll never think about Honduras without thinking about that man.


God used that day, and still uses that day in my life to remind me to truly redeem the time we are given by being obedient to His command to reach this world with the gospel of Jesus Christ!



I asked Will Hill missionary to Japan to answer the question,

How did God confirm to you that you should be a missionary?


My father was a drug dealer and a drunk, but a man invited him to church one day where he heard the Gospel and accepted Christ! That all took place before I was born, and because of that man’s invitation I got to grow up in a Christian home.


My Dad loved people who gave out the Gospel, because he remembers the life he was saved from. Therefore, he always loved missionaries. He would invite them over to the house or take them out for a meal.


Many of my Dad’s closest friends were missionaries. He genuinely cared for them, and you could see it just by the way he spoke with them. We would get together at night for family prayers and my father would pray for the missionaries by name.


My father would often ask me, “Will, do we really believe people die and go to hell? What are we doing about it?” He cared about the souls of his neighbors as well as the souls of people he never met in distant lands. The tire company he owns supports missionaries and his business card is a Gospel Tract with “Hill and Son Tire” written on the back. His love for missions greatly impacted me.


All those things were revealing to me, on a daily basis, the importance of missions. Though he has never been a missionary on a foreign field, he has instilled in his son a missionary’s heart. How about you, Fathers? What are your kids seeing that is important to you?

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