Miguel and Mariangela currently live in Medellin, Colombia. It is where God has called them to serve. They are church-planting missionaries with Vision Baptist Missions.

Mariangela was born and raised in the Philippines. She grew up attending church, assuming she was saved just because her parents and siblings were. Later on, she realized she was completely wrong. But still, she never talked to anyone about it. She was too ashamed to tell people what she was afraid of, that she was not saved. Pride kept her from seeking help and seeking God.

When she was 14, Mariangela and her family moved to America. A few years after she decided to go with some friends and family on a Missions trip to one of the islands in the Philippines. While being there, she was asked to witness to someone. Still ashamed to admit her spiritual state, she reluctantly started reading and explaining the Romans Road, as she had learned in Sunday school growing up. But reading those verses about Christ’s love and ultimate sacrifice made her realize something that she was a wicked, horrible sinner and in grave need of a Savior. That day as she was reading those verses and “witnessing” to someone, Mariangela finally understood the beautiful Gospel, repented of her sins, and accepted Christ’s free gift of Salvation.

Shortly after, God led her to attend the Our Generation Summit where God placed a burden on her heart for the lost around the world. She knew then that she needed to train to be a missionary. Mariangela moved to Alpharetta, Georgia to study in the Our Generation Training Center, which is also where she and Miguel met. God put them together, and they have been serving alongside each other since.

Miguel was born in Bogota, Colombia in the middle of its violent times. Growing up in was not uncommon to hear car bombs exploding nearby, people getting robbed, mugged, and murdered. The economy had become unstable, and his family was desperate. So when he was 12, his mother, brother, and Miguel moved to the United States of America. His mother wanted a better life for her children – the American dream as it is called. For the next three years, his family did everything they could to start a new life and to fit into a new culture. When he was 15, something incredible happened. A few young men moved to Georgia from different places to help Austin Gardner start a new church, Vision Baptist Church.

It was in its beginning stages. And they were trying to meet people to study the Bible with. That is when Miguel met these men. They started telling him about Jesus – a man they had only heard from stories because He was Mary’s son, and Mary was who he worshipped. For weeks these men taught Miguel the Bible until one day, he finally understood. He understood that he was a sinner and that someone perfect and sinless had already died and paid for his sins and all he needed to do was believe in Him.

13 years have passed since that fateful day when the Lord saved Miguel, he has grown to know Him more. In 2011 God called Miguel to serve Him wherever He would lead. He has since allowed Miguel to work alongside some mighty men that taught, trained, and mentored him. God has permitted Miguel the fantastic opportunity to work in a local church plant as a Youth Pastor, and then in Vision’s Spanish ministry as the pastor.

It was then, in 2015, when he took a missions trip to Peru to report back to the church and tell them of the great need for the Gospel around the world. So that maybe one day they could go and tell the lost and dying world who Jesus is. While in Peru however, God started working in Miguel’s heart to go and tell the lost and dying world who Jesus is. He brought to remembrance that he was once lost himself and that he didn’t have the opportunity to hear about Jesus until he came to America. That there are 48,000,000 other people back in his home country who most likely have not heard about Jesus. Who mostly have not been reached. And who most probably won’t be able to hear the Gospel until somebody goes and tells them.

A few weeks after that day in Peru, Miguel and Mariangela were accepted by Vision Baptist Missions and went on their first deputation meeting. They have since finished deputation and moved to Colombia. They are currently in the process of starting their first church in the city of Medellin, Colombia. God has been faithful.

Personal Info:
Home Church: Vision Baptist Church
Mission Board: Vision Baptist Missions
Website: www.ReturnToColombia.org
Email: R2Col@outlook.com
Facebook: Return To Colombia

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