I couldn’t decide what to title this post. The idea is simple but I am not exactly what to call it. So I will call it a “Personal Missionary Online Newspaper.”

Very likely the missionaries that your church supports have a blog. You have basically three options right now to read these updates. (1) You could visit all 5o of their websites and read their latest article.(2) You could use an RSS reader that brings them to one place, I suggest Feedly. (3) You could subscribe by email to have them come to your inbox.  Sidenote: I think my friend at EdifyHub.com may give us another, better, option soon.

I would like to offer another suggestion. You could add up to 25 blogs to a Paper.li account for free.  Here is the basic concept. You set up an online newspaper (look like this https://paper.li/f-1406733338). You do this by following adding the RSS Feed from the blogs of the missionaries you follow. You could then share the link with the other people in your church or small group for whom you created the online paper. I know it does not have an easy to remember domain name, even though you could get one, but I do no think that is an issue seeing you will be sharing it by email or on social media where they can click the link.

I hope this article does one of two different things. Either some of you will find this helpful and use it to help keep others around informed in the ministry of the missionaries you assist. Another option is some of you will write me and tell me of a better free option for churches to help keep missions in front of those in the church.

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