I believe many athletes never go farther then they do becuase they are never around better players. They are the best player that plays at that park. Many people think they are so smart becuase they surround themselves with people who are not so smart.

I am very thankful to have two talented pastors I am very close to. They are both very effective and successful in their own rights I hope to absorb as much as possible while the are still around.

My pastor, Austin Gardner, is the most disiplined, driven man of God I know. He has helped me form my world view and as has opened his life to me and many others to learn from. He is a phenomenal Bible preacher. He makes people move. If you are around him you will either grow or go.

Wayne Cofield, my father in law, has an insatiable love for people and the ministry. He has welcomed me into the family and has treated me with so much respect. His love for his church and ministry is evident everytime I am around him. He is always talking about his next message or doing something to help his people.

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