Live in the now.

Jim Elliot used to say wherever you are, be all there.

I have a concern for all of us in the Christian life and especially those in the ministry. We usually live “working for” and “waiting for” the “next thing.” Seldom do we enjoy where we are now. Some how we think if only I could get to the next level I would be happy. I just need a little more money, a different position, a spouse, a child, or whatever.

I am almost happy but not quite there yet.

I have made this mistake for years. The problem is that when you get what you thought would make you happy you just need a little more.

That means we will never be really content or enjoy the abundant life we have been promised. It will simply be the proverbial carrot out there in front that frustrates us and we are never quite good enough to get.

How does that apply to your marriage? How does that apply to your job? How does that apply to the things or possessions that God has given us?

We want something more from our marriage. We aren’t satisfied. Our partner feels that they do not quite measure up. They are not good enough. So that frustrates us and leads us to fail and give up.

Our job isn’t enjoyable. It makes the hours longer and the days unbearable. We live for the weekend. The money isn’t good enough. The job isn’t fulfilling we want out.

Our car or house or other possessions are stealing our joy. They just will get us “by” but we are not happy or satisfied.

The problem really isn’t the spouse, the house, the job or anything else. It is us and our heart problem. It is not the things we want but our “wanter!”

This hinders our ministry. While in Bible school we live for tomorrow and the day we will begin our ministry. While we are on deputation we long to arrive on the field and begin learning the language. Then we want to start our first church. Then we want our second church. The vicious cycle never ends and we are never truly where we are. We always want more. I have been and am very guilty of all of this. It hurts you and those around you

The ministry and Christian life was meant to be lived in joy not frustrations. I wonder if God knows where we are? I wonder if he has something good for us right where we are but we are missing it because we are not in the now but in the morrow. Wanting now what God has for tomorrow.

We will remember with fondness these days one day in the future and then want to return but it will be too late. It was meant to be enjoyed today.

Why don’t we make a decision to enjoy what our Father is doing in our lives right now? Could it be he knows what is best for today? Could it be that life would be more of a blessing if we were happy with what we have now?

Give me your opinions in the comment section below. Call my hand, you do not have to just agree with me!

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  1. Great article and much wisdom there. We do need to enjoy where we at and what is going on now. I know that most of us if we are honest dreamed about the day we would be doing what we are doing today, yet we don’t appreciate it because we are only thinking about what is next. May God help us to just enjoy the moment.

  2. Great post!
    It’s not just ministers and those in ministry – it is a part of our culture. Many, many live alternating between future plans and anticipation and past regrets and successes. Meanwhile the past is slipping by.
    Thanks again for a meaningful post.
    May God bless your ministry greatly.

  3. So very true and helpful. I see it even in the difficulties when they come, can be faced with joy knowing that its all about Him. Thanks

  4. So very true, sir, and something I needed to be reminded of…it is sobering to think of how many people and opportunities pass me by when I continue to focus and worry about my future…

  5. Very challenging! Applying this will make greater results in my current position and help push me forward to get to the bigger and better things.

  6. I think so many times as a single person our life is put on hold, and we are waisting the time we have now because of the person we are waiting for. Great post. It was really needed.

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