I love the following quote. I have for years tried to explain discipleship. Almost everyone wants it to be a series of lessons. They want to do the 9 lessons and give a certificate. That is not what it is about! Life on life discipleship means just that. One life invested in another life!

Jesus didn’t use a Bible College method though there is nothing wrong with that. He invest His life in them. He practiced with-ness. Mark 3:14

If your disciples or students fail then whose fault is that. Teaching is not dumping facts and demanding answers. Teaching is causing them to learn!

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In an article called ‘Discipleship Revolution: Training for Trainers Process’ by Steve Smith in Mission Frontiers, January-February 2011 he makes the following comment about discipleship:

“Repeat it out loud three times. ‘T4T’ (Training for Trainers) is a process not a set of lessons.

As Training for Trainers is spread around the world, that is probably the most miss-understood aspect of “T4T”. Many think that ‘T4T’ is a set of discipleship lessons that will somehow result in a lot of CPM’s (Church Planting Movements).

Many say, “I finished “T4T”, meaning six lessons, now what?”

Training for Trainers is an ongoing discipleship process that cascades from generation to the challenges at each new stage or an ongoing part of a process. It includes Biblical content wrapped up in a dynamic, life-on-life, loving process for following Jesus and fishing for men. Each training meeting includes several important elements shaped by the central goal to build multiplying generations of trainers.

The problem throughout history has never been with God. He is willing and passionate for his people to go be reached. The problem is not the harvest; the Spirit is doing his part to prepare a harvest even among hard peoples. The problem is with us, we need to recapture the first century discipleship revolution that turned the world upside down. We need a discipleship re-revolution.”

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