Let the beginning be made with single congregations.

Let the pastor learn and teach that all failure in caring, and giving, and praying, and living for missions, is owing to a feeble superficial spiritual life.

Let him call upon his people to follow him as he seeks to lead them to a deeper spiritual life.

Let him speak of sin, and Christ as a Saviour from it; of faith in Christ as able to do more than we have experienced or expected; of entire consecration, the giving up of our will and all we have, to be wholly under the control of our Lord, as the only door to abiding happiness and to true service.

Let him plead with his people, by the love and honour of Christ, by the need of the heathen, by the inconceivable privilege of being made the channel of the Divine life to the souls of men, to come and be whole-hearted for Christ.

Let him speak of work for Christ among those near or far off as the one thing by which we can prove our faith and love.

Let him gather the people to pray for the Holy Spirit’s working in themselves to fit them for mission work.

Let him encourage the faith that, to hearts that give themselves in simplicity to their Lord, expecting His guidance, He will show what He would have them do.

As the deepening of the spiritual life and the devotion to mission work are together sought after, the one will react on the other, because both have their root in Jesus Christ Himself, revealed afresh as Saviour and Lord.

Andrew Murray, The Key to the Missionary Problem (London: J. Nisbet & Co., 1902), 92–93.

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  • Posted July 24, 2015 8:52 am
    by Kason Bloom

    Thanks for the article. I need a deeper spiritual life if I am going to make an impact on others.

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