You need to read this entire article by clicking right here! I want to take some points from the article that I think will bless pastors and missionaries. I really enjoyed the article so I hope this only whets your appetite to read the article.

Never give up no matter how hard the task seems to get. You started out believing this was God’s will for your life so go for it. The old saying was don’t doubt in the night what God gave you in the light!

Keep a spirit of praise. Laugh in the middle of the crisis because you know that God is going to get your through. Do not let the obstacles win. See Jesus and the work that He is doing in and through you!

Spend and be spent for those that God blesses you with the privilege to lead. Do not fall into the trap of using men. Someone once said, use the work to build your people and never use your people to build the work!

Every lesson from this article is clearly an illustration of Biblical truth. Paul exhibited it in his life long before this article.

We are blessed to pastor, to lead men, to train people, to care for them. We must never forget the great blessing that we have been given. As we have gotten more and more successful we have wanted to turn it around and make the ministry about us and being served more than about them and serving Jesus and others.

Read the article. Compare it to how you lead your men and work your ministry. See if there is anything that you can learn and apply to your ministry!

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