My wife Nancy and I are church planting missionaries in mainland China. God has worked in our lives in great ways and we are excited about serving the Lord and doing all we can to get the Gospel to a lost and dying world. I grew up in a Christian home and heard the Gospel several times growing up. As an eighteen year old young man I finally understood that Jesus death on the cross was enough to pay for all my sins and trusted him as my Savior. My wife Nancy also grew up in a Christian home and accepted the Lord as her Savior when she was sixteen years old.

After getting saved, God put a desire for missions on my heart. At that time there was a lot I still didn’t understand about the Bible, but I did know some very important truths:

  1. The Gospel was people’s only hope of getting to heaven.
  2. People had to hear the Gospel in order to have the opportunity to accept Christ as their Savior. 

God used these basic truths to slowly direct me towards full-time service. In the next couple years I took three different missions trips to Brazil. God used those trips to show me that He wanted me to serve him as a missionary, but also to show me that I didn’t know anything about how to do ministry and missions. Providentially, God allowed me to find out about a missionary training school called the Our Generation Training Center. This training school is a ministry of Vision Baptist Church which is now my home church. I began taking classes at the school and also began to get involved in ministries at the church. I learned a whole lot during this time about ministry and missions.

Also, during this time I met my wife Nancy. She had taken a missions trip to South Africa and felt God leading her to surrender to missions while on that trip. She also knew about the Our Generation Training Center and came to be a student there. After meeting, we quickly knew that God had put our lives together. We were engaged about four months later and then married nine months after that.

During this time, I also felt God leading me specifically towards China. In a space of about three months, I met three different missionaries to China and got to know them and hear their stories about the great need in China. God used this to put an interest in China in my heart and I surrendered to go to China! After getting engaged, but before getting married, I left for a 6 month internship to China to work with a veteran missionary named Mark. He had planted a church in mainland China and I profited greatly from learning from his experience doing ministry in China. During these six months I was able to learn some Chinese, make new contacts, and teach the Bible to university students that could speak English. It was very fruitful and profitable time for me. Being in China each day and seeing the huge amount of people and the very low amount of Gospel witness, confirmed the leading I felt God had for me which was to go back to China as a church planting missionary with Vision Baptist Missions. 

After getting back from China, I got married to Nancy and we spent the next two years and few months traveling all over the United States raising our support to go to China. God blessed and we were able to raise the support we needed and left for China. We arrived in China in January of this year to begin language school. We are currently in the middle of language school and things have been going well. We are getting more and more comfortable in talking to people and are excited about the opportunities we have to tell people about Jesus. After becoming fluent in the language, we look forward to starting churches here in mainland China and discipling and training men to do the same thing so that many people can be reached with the good news of Jesus Christ. Would you please pray that God would help us in a mighty way as we endeavor to serve Him! 

Contact Information:

Kanon Bloom


US Phone rings in China: 470-200-0474


Birthday March 3rd

Nancy Bloom 


Birthday July 19th 

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