On this day in 1810, missionaries Adoniram Judson, Samuel Mills, Samuel Nott and Samuel Newell walk six miles to present to the General Association of the Congregational Ministers of Massachusetts a formal written resolution in which they offer themselves for missionary service.

The matter was referred to a committee of three. The following day the young men are approved and a foreign mission board is formed. Adoniram Judson alone, at the age of 25, became one of the first missionaries sent from North America to preach in Burma. His mission and work led to the formation of the first Baptist association in America, inspired many Americans to become or support missionaries, translated the Bible into Burmese, and established a number of Baptist churches in Burma.

From this day on, these men became great servants of God. They went down in history for the way that God used them for His own glory. These men went on to make Jesus known to the world. Would we “walk six miles” in hopes of being sent to take the gospel to the world? Would we work at taking the good news of Jesus Christ to the lost? These men desired to do this. They were willing to travel in simple hopes of being counted worthy of being missionaries. How often do we wait on opportunities to share the gospel to simply come up? And even then, how often do we shy away from these opportunities? Let’s be like these men that chased after opportunities to go out into the world and share the good news of Jesus Christ. Let’s not wait around for it to happen, let’s get busy sharing the gospel!

On this day in 1803, American missionary and pioneer, Jason Lee, was born on a farm near Stanstead, Quebec.

After attending a village school and becoming self supporting by the age of 13, Lee became the first of the Oregon Missionaries. The Oregon Missionaries were collectively the religious-minded pioneers who settled in the Oregon Country of North America starting in the 1830s with the intent of converting local Native Americans to Christianity.

In 1833 he was chosen to head a mission for the Flathead Indians. His commissioning was in response to a visit by four Flathead Indians to St. Louis. These Indians came to St. Louis to request of General Clark for someone to come to their area and bring the “Book of Heaven.” They came in search for someone to bring them this “Book of Heaven” because it had been prophesied in a vision to the Flathead people.  When the story of the request of these Indians reached the East Coast, it sparked the interest and involvement of evangelical Christian
congregations there. Lee was selected as a young preacher to lead the mission.

How willing are we to respond to a need? There is a need all over this world for the gospel, the word of God, the “book of heaven.” Let us be like these churches, stirred by the need of the lost. Let us take action to meet the spiritual need of those around the world. Let’s be like Lee who was willing to be sent by other believers to share the good news with the lost. Let us be faithful where God has us at the moment and, at the same time, be willing to go anywhere to bring the gospel to the lost, to shine the light in the world.

*Entry submitted by Edward de los Reyes

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