On this day in 1745, David Brainerd met with his small group of Native American believers and reminded them of the solemnness of promising their lives to God.

A day earlier, Brainerd had administered the Lord’s supper to the believers.  He wrote of the occasion:

In the forenoon, discoursed on the Bread of life. God gave me some assistance, in part of my discourse especially; and there appeared some tender affection in the assembly, under divine truths; my soul also was somewhat refreshed. Administered the Lord’s Supper to thirty-one of the Indians. God seemed to be present in this ordinance; the communicants were most of them melted and refreshed. They were greatly affected when the elements were first uncovered; there was scarcely a dry eye among them, when I showed them the symbols of Christ’s “broken body. Having rested a little, after the administration of the sacrament, I visited the communicants, and found them generally in a sweet loving frame; not unlike what appeared among them on the former sacramental occasion.

But that night, Brainerd began to feel burdened for his converts.  It was easy to stand with a group of believers and declare by taking the Lord’s supper that you were following him.  But it was very difficult to live your everyday life, surrounded by temptation, and still resist sin and live for Christ.  So the next morning, Brainerd gathered his small church together and challenged them out of Psalms 119:106, ” I have sworn, and I will perform it, that I will keep thy righteous judgments.” 

I showed that all God’s judgments or commandments are righteous and that God’s people have sworn to keep them; and this they do especially at the Lord’s Table. There appeared to be a powerful divine influence on the assembly, and considerable melting under the Word. Afterwards I led them to a renewal of their covenant before God, that they would watch over themselves and one another, lest they should fall into sin, and dishonour the name of Christ. This transaction was attended with great solemnity. God seemed to own it by exciting in them a fear and jealousy of themselves, lest they should sin against Him, and His presence seemed to be amongst us in the conclusion of this sacramental solemnity.


The Diary of David Brainerd

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