James and Rosie members of Vision Baptist Church are the second missionary family with Vision Baptist Missions headed to Japan. They are currently on deputation and are planning to leave for Japan in January, of 2019 to work under Will and Rebelle Hill.

James was born and raised in Japan and grew up in a missionary home. His father was saved under the ministry of a church-planting missionary. His mother originally went to Japan as a single missionary and the two met while serving at a church on the mission field.

Although born and raised in a Christian family, James did not get saved until his teenage years. Although he had heard the Bible his whole life and heard the Gospel in a country where less than 0.5% of the people would be considered evangelical Christian, he did not personally place his faith in Christ immediately. Because he had “prayed a prayer” when he was five years old, he grew up thinking that this prayer was what he needed, when he really needed to place his faith in Christ. After struggling with his salvation and searching the scriptures, he placed his faith in Jesus Christ.

Rosie was born and raised in the Atlanta area in a Christian home as well where her father serves as a deacon at Calvary Baptist Church in Smyrna, GA. After church one evening when Rosie was 6, she realized that she was a sinner and needed to be saved and her father was able to show her from the Bible how to be saved.

Both James and Rosie each had their own life plans, but God has a way of changing plans. When James attended Pensacola Christian College, he began as a computer science major. He intended to use his knowledge to create video games. He felt, however, that he needed to be serving God and was trying to come to terms with that idea. During that first semester in college, missionary John Allen to Papua New Guinea (our church supports him) was a guest speaker for one of the school’s chapel services. The Lord used this to get a hold of James’ heart and James surrendered to missions. James says that even after he surrendered to missions, God has led him step by step. I am extremely thankful that God honors those who are willing to step out and trust Him.

Rosie attended a university in the Atlanta area and studied nursing. She is graduated from nursing school and began working as a nurse at Kennestone Hospital in Marietta, GA, but she too felt like the Lord wanted her to serve Him. However, she thought her service would be through short-term medical mission trips. She took a number of trips to various countries such as Bangladesh, the Dominican Republic, and Mexico, and the Lord continued to work in her life.

One day, a missionary in Mexico challenged her with a question: “What if the Lord wants you to give up nursing?” The question stunned her, and she simply said “no.” But after realizing that no physical healing makes an eternal difference, she realized that she could best serve the Lord by leaving her profession as a nurse and serving the Lord in full-time Missions.

James found out about the ministry here at Vision when Jeff Bush went to Pensacola to present opportunities to prepare for the mission field. One of the mission trips we offer caught James’ eye and we were able to get connected to him. I am thankful that Jeff continues to work diligently to help young people and prepare them for the ministry.

After finishing college, James moved up to Alpharetta to begin the 1-year internship program. This is a program we have here designed for those who have been to Bible College to gain practical experience before going to the mission field. He had (and still does) have much to learn, but he has come a long way.

As James was with us for the 1-year program, Rosie began her studies at the Our Generation Training Center to prepare for work in full-time missions. The two met in 2016 and were married in April of 2017. They are now expecting their first son this September and have been raising support to go to Japan.

James already speaks Japanese, but Rosie will be learning the language during their first term in Japan. I’m sure they would be greatly encouraged if you send them an email to let them know you are praying for them. They are very proactive in communicating with their prayer warriors and I would like to encourage you to sign up for their email updates (reachingjapan.com/subscribe) or text updates (reachingjapan.com/sms) so you can know what they are doing and how to pray for them.

If you would like to contact them, you can them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or by email:

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