The following notes are an adapted copy of the rules that were used in the language school that I set up in Arequipa. I thought maybe some of the missionaries might take these and make them much better.

HANDBOOK OF THE Language School
The purpose of the language school will be to prepare men and women of God to go to all parts of Latin America to do the work of a missionary.  The student will be in constant contact with Peruvians and will learn to love them and their culture.  At the same time that the student is learning the language he will be learning how to have an effective ministry reaching Latins and starting churches.  From the very first day the new missionary will participate in a Spanish church.  He will sing, pray, preach, visit, win souls etc in Spanish.  It will be the goal of the school to have each student preaching and doing the work to win souls within the first year.
Rules for the Language School  
1. Both husband and wife must study in the language school.
2. Language school students will not be permitted to start a church or have a ministry during the year of language
  studies. (This refers to something that they would do on their own which they would leave and dump on us when they leave for their own ministry!)
3. Tests will be given each week over the material covered.
4. All teachers will be Latin Americans, supplemented by veteran American missionaries.
5. Class hours will be 8:30 am to 12:30 pm Tuesday through Saturday.
6. There will be homework given each day to cause each one to practice what has been taught and learned.  This will include listening, speaking and writing.
7. There will be 4 quarters of study.  Each quarter will consist of 12 weeks.
8. Each student and family will be required to attend all services of an approved church.
9. Each student should be in Arequipa at least 2-4 weeks before beginning studies.  This will give them time to rent a house, furnish it, and get settled in.
10. Each student must be willing to submit to the leadership of the church and school in their studies and ministry plans for one year.
11. The men students–preachers will be placed with a Peruvian pastor or Bible College student to go visiting, run errands, etc so as to gain experience.  This will supplement in their much needed practice of the language and relationships with national people.
12. All students must arrive on time and complete all classes and class work.  If sick the student will be given make up work so as to be able to complete all work that was missed.
13. All students must maintain an average of 80 on all work to be able to graduate.
14. All students must have a good attitude towards the teachers and leadership.  They must be willing to accept criticism with a good attitude.
15. All students must be from an approved church or mission board.
16. Teaching your children should be done in such a way as not to interfere with your language learning. Remember that the language is essential for the advancement of your ministry.
17. All students must agree to study one year–this is not a pick and choose cafeteria style study.
18. The cost of the language school will be $??? per month for both the husband and wife.  The cost will be $?? a month for each child that studies the language in addition to the parents.  This covers expense of the rent and utilities plus the teacher etc.  There is an additional charge for books and materials etc.  It is not a requirement for the children to go to language school and most never do.

19. Each student who comes to the Language School in Peru casts a definite reflection on the ministry that
 is already here when they  leave as a graduate of our language school.  We are a church planting, missionary
 training institution and therefore have decided that all students who come must be willing to learn all that they can
 to become effective church planters.  Therefore there will be extra classes on church planting, culture, etc.  Each
 student who is accepted will agree to take these classes and be willing to submit to the leadership of the
 Language School.  Books will be assigned to be read and then discussed.  We have no desire to simply
 help you learn the language but more sincerely we wish to help you be an effective church planter.  That means planting several churches over the life of your ministry.
20. The the calendar will be established by the Veteran Missionary in charge of the Language schools and followed expressly.

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