When I was sixteen years old, during a high school chapel service, God begin to work in my heart in a very powerful way during the message. I had thought about being a preacher. I had even wanted to be. However, I didn’t think surrendering to that fact was all that important at that age in my life. However, on that Wednesday morning as the chapel speaker preacher all I could think of was that God would not guide me any further until I took the next step he had laid out before me.

After I surrendered to preach that day I was given all kinds of opportunities to preach. I was in a very small church and a quite small Christian school. I preached a great deal but was given very little instruction. I could tell when I preached no adult was listening they were just there smiling and being so happy little Trent was going to be a preacher one day when he grows up. I remember hearing things after I preach like “so you want to be a preacher that great”. I would think to myself “want to be a preacher, what do you think I just did”. As I think back on the messages I preached I am not sure how much of it was Bible, so I am not sure if it was really preaching at all. When I get to heaven I my have to sit a the kids table during the Marriage Supper because of all the crazy things I preached. (Which will work out okay for a little while, it will give me a chance to talk with some of the famous tv preachers today)

I do not know exactly how the story goes, or if this is a figment of my imagination – I once told a man in my church that I was close to that I would rather “preach then eat”. He said that is good because that is the decision you will have to make. He was a wealthy man and thought that a surrender to ministry was equivalent to taking a vow of poverty.

Many times when I do not feel like I am not being successful at what I am given to do I do not ask for more to do. Makes since huh. Since my youth department is not booming as I want, I do not ask for opportunities to preach. Well, you and I have to get past that. My youth department is not booming becuase of gross sin in my life or laziness. It is growing in proportion to the “youth pastors heart” God is growing in me. Doing other things in the ministry I desire to do will not pull me away from this but will be like a stimulus plan for it. The last couple of weeks I have been praying for chances to preach. I am so excited that he have me an opportunity yesterday, twice today, and twice on Sunday. Also, if you read this blog all the way to this point I had to the chance to share my heart with my heart with yet another captivated audience. Thanks. 

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