I had a great time tonight with a fellow youth pastor, Chad Gordan. He invited me to speak at his Parent Appreciation Meal. I gladly accepted his offer to come out tonight. It is always an honor to teach Gods Word, but I also always enjoy my time with Chad.While I was there I encouraged him to Twitter. He already had an account. Actually he had one way before I did. I have only been twittering for a few days now, but am really excited about it. People, including my wife, have asked why I think it is a great tool. Here are some personal notes for myself in case I one day ask myself “why did I think that was a good idea”.1. It allows me to stay aware of what my friends are up to.2. It helps stay accountable in the work.3. It helps me introduce some of my friends to other friends of mine they do not know. Especially like to introduce missionaries to youth pastors (aka missions mobilizers)4. I see the work schedule of some very successful people.5. It helps me keep in the loop of what some of the “big” youth pastors are up to.6. it updates my Facebook status.. where hundreds of my friends live and move.7. It is a simple, cheap, and convenient way to promote world missions from my office.8. It helps to remind me I am not alone on this wall (Nehemiah reference)9. It only takes about 10 minutes of my time a day but has saved many minutes by my friends on twitter answering questions I have asked.. (kind of like making you friend surfing the web your personal assistant) 10. I like the news I get when a new twitter comes in. (not really but thought I should have 10 on my list)  

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