During the famine in Somalia, thousands of starving families left their homes and once-productive farms to seek shelter and food at distant refugee centers. Foreign nations and humanitarian agencies sent and distributed food to these starving people. Many received help in time to save their lives. Some, however, waited too long before seeking help. They were so malnourished that when they tried to eat, their bodies rejected food. Their digestive systems had shut down and would no longer process the very thing their bodies needed. Many died because their bodies no longer recognized or accepted life-sustaining nourishment. Their bodies didn’t recognize what they were hungering for.

On Saturday as we were out on SSI (Saturday Student Impact) I had the chance to spend some time with a teenager named Adam. It was freezing outside and we saw more snow then we have seen in GA in five years. As we went door to door he was so excited. As soon as we would get done with one door he wanted to go to the next. As soon as we finished one apartment complex he wanted to go to the next. He was hungry to talk about to people about our church.

When I was his age I hoped no one would come to door and wanted to go home as soon as possible. I went becuase I was convinced by quilt that I had to to be right with God. Adam knows it is an option and he desires to go becuase He is hungry to serve God.

I learned a lesson from the student that day.

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