Read this article Becoming a Man of the World: How to Learn Another Language for some good insight on how to learn a language.

All missionaries are going to have to learn how to live cross culturally. Many will have to learn another language. Excuses abound. You can learn another language!

Here are some quotes from the article for you to consider:

Men are excellent language learners, and there are ways we can use our manly differences to our advantage. The sad truth is that most of us don’t.

“Language-Talent” Is Used as an Excuse, Let It Go

I stopped making excuses, giving in to self-fulfilling prophecies (“I’m bad at languages, therefore what’s the point in even trying?”) and I started to be a man about this language learning thing. One day in Spain, I just swallowed my pride and started using the very little I knew actively until I had no choice but to improve quickly.

Speak It from Day One

Next, Learn What You NEED, Not What the Grammar Book Says

So put aside the grammar book and get yourself a travel phrasebook instead (they are small and only cost a couple of dollars). Learn the essentials in a few hours that would be pretty universally needed as the core of basic conversation, and then learn what you want to say.

Face Your Fear and Just Use the Language! Your Instinct Can Get You Far

What it all comes down to is fear. A perfectionist (academic) approach to language learning is based on fear of being embarrassed, fear of disappointing people, fear that you aren’t good enough, etc. Every mistake is the end of the world!

Constant Use With Other People Is the Road to Fluency in a Short Time

If you stop looking at a language as a list of grammar rules and words to learn to pass an examination, and more as a backyard project that you keep adding things to and tweaking, while constantly using it all the time, then you will start to use it for what it was meant for: communication with people.

This is a great article and well worth you reading it over several times.

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  • Posted August 17, 2011 11:33 am
    by Tony Henderson

    People that go to language school need to stay the whole course. Some learn fast and want to leave early. They need to take full advantage before being launched to the ministry. Then it will be difficult. If there is no language, there is no ministry.

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