3. Watch for the man God wants you to train

  1. Ask God for a band of men whose hearts he has touched.  I Samuel 10:26
  2. Be on the lookout for men that you can call to yourself and train.  I Samuel 14:52
  3. Some will come from our own family as we train our children Noah and his three sons, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and the 12 sons
  4. Some will come from our ministry Moses and Joshua and the other leaders, captains and judges that worked with Moses
  5. Some God will miraculously call out and send to you Eli and Samuel
  6. Others will be at work in other jobs and not even in the ministry but God will use you to see them called into His service Elijah and Elisha
  7. Others will give their lives to be trained as in the sons of the prophets
  8. Men will be drawn to you as they see God’s hand on you and want to be a part of what God is doing in your life and ministry
  9. Some will be struggling to find their place and you will be there at the right time to help them Barnabas and Saul
  10. Some will be saved under the ministry of someone else but you can adopt them into your ministry as your son Paul and Timothy
  11. Some will be prepared under the ministry of another to a certain point and then God will send them to you—disciples of John the Baptist that followed Jesus Christ
  12. Some will be saved under your ministry
  13. The point is God will get you the men to train as you seek to put his plan into action

4. Remember that true discipleship is more than a lesson from a book

  1. It is life on life
  2. It is loving them as your family
  3. It is investing or pouring yourself into another person
  4. It is withness Mark 3:14

5. Get the right attitude towards your disciple

  1. It is more caught than taught.  They learn from watching us.  I Corinthians 16:10-11, 4:17
  2. Take them forward at the speed that they are able to go.  Genesis 33:13-14
  3. Have double vision.  See them as they are and then see them where God wants them to be.  Judges 6:13-18.  (How God saw Gideon)
  4. You cannot lead people where you have not already been nor to do what you have not already done or are doing.
  5. Have compassion Hebrews 5:1-4

6. Use the right method

  1. Allow your disciple to think for himself and to make mistakes
  2. Consider what Jesus did with his disciples
    1.  Luke 10:1, 17
    2. Luke 8:22, 25
    3. John 6:6

This is Part 2 in the 3 part series “How to Disciple” by Austin Gardner. 


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