People respond generously with Faith Promise missions giving for world evangelization only after they understand it and see it modeled and practiced by their church leaders. It was this way in the New Testament and it is this way today. What are some specific ways that church leaders can prepare their people for a successful program of Faith Promise giving?
Preach and teach world missions. The Bible is a missionary book. The greatest example ever of crossing a cultural barrier for the benefit of an alien people group was in the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ to die for the sins of mankind. He was sent from heaven’s glory to needy people on Planet Earth. Every book in the Bible underlines this theme. In all of your preaching and teaching, be sure to highlight these great truths so that your people will not and cannot forget them. Do everything within your power to help your people understand that the Bible is about the Lord Jesus Christ coming to express His love for us by enduring the Cross—so that we might be forgiven.

Make sure your people understand that the only reason God has left us here on earth, rather than immediately taking us home to heaven, is to tell people about the Lord Jesus Christ. Remind them that Jesus made His mission to the world the model for our mission to the world. He said in very precise and unmistakable words, “As the Father has sent me, I am sending you (John 20:21).” The Father was the Sender and Jesus was the Sent One. The Sender provided all the strength, support and sustenance for the Sent One. This pattern is still valid today.

Show your people that you are concerned about evangelization both locally and worldwide. Be diligent about personally and publicly exercising intercessory prayer for your missionary family.

There are obviously various ways to collect the commitments for a Faith Promise offering. Some churches will do this through their Sunday school classes, others through small groups. Some will encourage those not present during the conference to send in their commitments so that they can be included in the total. Sometimes there will be opportunities during the week of the conference to bring a Faith Promise offering. However and whenever it is done, most churches will emphasize it at the conclusion of their missionary conference—usually as part of the regular Sunday services. When this is done, it is important that the pastor lead in explaining and encouraging the offering. The pastor must be seen by his people leading the way in this faith endeavor.

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