John 5:23 That all men should honour the Son, even as they honour the Father. He that honoureth not the Son honoureth not the Father which hath sent him.

Most everybody believes in God. The problem is their opinion of the Son, Jesus Christ. Jesus is God. That is the lesson of the book of John. Many want to believe in God and that there are many ways to Him. They would say that we all believe in God but just have different ways of worshipping Him.

That is not the truth. If you do not honor the Son, Jesus, then you do not honor the Father. There is only one way to God and that is through Jesus Christ. If you try to make Jesus anything less than fully God then you have dishonored the Father.

Men want unity and friendship. They had division. They want to be tolerant today. God’s people have no choice but to take a stand. The stand is about this. Jesus is God. Jesus is the Only way to God. Jesus is to be honored equally as the Father God. If He is not so honored then you are dishonoring the Father.

This should make it much easier for you to know truth from a lie. Jesus is not a god. He is not a way. He is not a great teacher. He is God.

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  • Posted September 28, 2011 7:58 am
    by David

    Praise the Lord!! Jesus is fully God that became man so I could glorify Him for all eternity. Thanks for this wonderful verse and reminder of who Christ is.

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