Here are 7 signs that the insecure leader in the room is you:

I enjoyed the following information by Carey Nieuwhof. This blog post can be found here. I hope you will read it and make sure you do not become the insecure leader.

1.You want to have all the best ideas

Insecure people end up being controlling people.

2. You feel threatened by great talent
Insecurity and fear are frequent companions.

3. You can’t celebrate someone else’s success
This trait is a tell tale sign that you are insecure.

4. Your results are your reward

5. You’re constant comparing yourself to others
Teddy Roosevelt was right. Comparison is the thief of joy.

6. You settle for imitation because you’re scared of innovation
Insecure leadership makes you feel like you’re stuck in middle school, forever.

7. Your assuming age will make this better
So maybe you’re a young leader or mid-way through your leadership run, and you think when I hit 40 (or why I hit 50), all my internal angst will be resolved, right?


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