I would like to ask you to think of helping Jake Taube and John Walz move on to the next step in ministry. I know that they are considering Taiwan. The cost of living there is significantly higher. They will need additional support. Would you consider supporting them? Would you invite them to speak in your church, Christian school chapel, or College.

There are two great needs right now. Get the new missionaries on to China like I mentioned in the Overcoming fear post! and also by helping these men.

I hope you will stand by them. They could use funds to move and set up in another country. They could use additional support.

Now is the time to bring China and world missions to the forefront in your church and ministry. These men are the men to help you do that. They are paying a high price for being bold for Jesus Christ.

If you are interested in helping please send me a note at gardner@bcwe.org. Leave a comment here below in the comment section.

I want to do all I can to help them and to help get the gospel to the world!

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