KTUAM Training Video #4 from Christian Ministry Videos on Vimeo.

This is the 4th video in a 5 part series (for those who are counting). It deals with encouraging teenagers to consider missions very last after they pursue any other possibility in their lives. I travelled for 2 years full time promoting missions among college age and teenagers. Many times after I got done speaking the pastor/ministry director/ whoever would come up say a few nice words then give the “calm down, don’t give your life” disclaimer.

I am fully aware that the vast majority will never go to the foreign field. I one of those people who have “assuredly gathered” I should serve on this side of the big pond. It was not the geography in the disclaimer that was so disheartening it was the low level of commitment for which they were calling. I am not sure how I got here but I will leave and come back to it another day.

We all have a tendency to go from one ditch to another. People should not feel inferior to be a GOER or a SENDER. We should find our identity in Christ, not in work. We should find our acceptance from the Gospel, not from of our value on the team.

I believe if we teach teenagers the Word of God, help them find their identity in Christ, keep the needs of the world (including our local community) in front of them we will have the proper distribution of GOERS & SENDERS in this world. 

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