If there is one person in the world I pity, it is the one who has no love for his job. What a drudgery! I have loved my work with a passionate and consuming love. I would rather preach than do anything else I know in this world. I have never missed a chance to preach. I would rather preach than eat my dinner, go on holiday or anything else the world can offer. I would rather pay to preach than be paid not to preach. It has its price, in terms of agony of sweat and tears, and no calling has such joys and heartbreaks. But it is a calling that an archangel might covet, and I thank God that He called me into this ministry. It is a glorious privilege to share the travail and the wine of God. I wish I had been a better minister, but there is nothing in God’s world I would rather be.

Samuel Chadwick quote!

Mack Tomlinson, In Light of Eternity, n.d.

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  • Posted February 4, 2016 10:29 pm
    by Jason Fowler

    He hits right on the point. If we don’t have that type of love and passion to preach, it is a pity. The more you preach the more your burning desire for the world you have.

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