One of my favorite services of the month at our church is called the Goer & Sender Coalition. As you know a coalition is a pact or treaty among individuals or groups, during which they cooperate in joint action. Which is exactly what we believe we have between the GOERS & the SENDERS in our church.

We hold this service on the first mid-week service of the month. I have the privilege of moderating the service at my church, Vision Baptist Church. It would not matter much on what service you had the meeting. You could even have it on a non-service night. For almost a year we had it on the first Friday night of the month.

Here are a few key ingredients we think make it such an exciting night.

  • Updates from our missionaries. We are privileged to have several missionaries from our church who are on deputation. Since we meet on Thursday they are able to join us often, so they give their updates in person. You could supplement this with having people read summaries of missionaries. I would encourage you to have the people read it in first person, it is just more fun.
  • Missionary quotes from famous missionaries of the past and current missionaries. We have a group of people that go through the blogs of our missionaries over the last month and draw out the best material to read to our people. We also read stories of of missionaries of the past. We allow 2-3 minutes for 4 different people to do this.
  • We sing our favorite missions song. It is called, “Our Heart, Our Desire”. We sing this every time we get together for the G&S Coalition. During the song we have pictures of our missionaries around the world in the ministry.
  • We have our young MITS (missionaries in training) preach for 5 minutes. We normally have time for 2 or 3. If you do not currently have young people in your church training for ministry. This would be a great night to pray for laborers for the harvest to be raised up in your church. This does not take away from the importance of us SENDERS but we have a huge shortage of GOERS.
  • We give an update on our Faith Promise giving. We have found that when we keep Faith Promise and the goal in front of use it helps us follow through with our commitments.
  • Our pastor shares a message from a portion of scripture that reminds us of our global responsibility.
We have a 4 day missions conference every year that this not replace but it does keep the fire going. I have heard of other churches who are starting to have a similar services. I would love to hear from those churches and learn what they are doing. There are many things that could be done differently in this service. The vital part is that we SENDERS are reminded that we in a partnership with the GOER/Missionary. The missionaries from our church who watch online are encouraged by this reminder as well.
A great place to read missions articles that could be read at a Goer & Sender Coalition is at
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