Of course it is recognized that many types in the Old Testament have been fulfilled, that the Mosaic Law has ended with the work of Christ on Calvary, and that the predicted restoration of Israel is yet future. However, these radical differences in the operational economy of God have not changed the fundamental purpose of God which relates to all mankind.

Therefore a church (or seminary or other Christian institution) that is not focused on the world has not fully entered into the counsel and purpose of God.

And if believers today desire to know to what degree they are living in the purpose of God, they should honestly and sincerely ask themselves, “To what degree are we possessed by the burden to share the gospel with the world? To what degree is world evangelization the focus of our life and ministry?”

Here is an infallible measure and proof. Here is a divine criterion. It remains an eternal fact—“God so loved the world.” How deeply have Christians entered into the concern of God for the world of mankind?

Roy B. Zuck, ed., Vital Missions Issues: Examining Challenges and Changes in World Evangelism (Grand Rapids, MI: Kregel Resources, 1998), 14.

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