Horner in his book explains what the churches in his denomination must do to get back on track in world missions. What he says applies directly to all of our churches.

I want to challenge all of you to read this book. You will find all of the details at the end of this post.

1. Without a biblical, functional definition of missions, we will continue to confuse local ministry with global missions and justify nearly any investment made in Jesus’ name as missions spending. Otherwise the cost of printing the bulletin for Sunday and the cost of translating and printing the Bible for the Daasanach people in northern Kenya or in the Nafaanra language for a people group in Ghana can all be lumped into the budget as missions.

2. The biblical concept of stewardship has been violated by the churches charged with the responsibility and privilege of teaching and modeling faithful giving and prudent management of all that God has entrusted to us. Until churches grasp the importance of leading the way in giving, how can they ever expect their people to practice generosity?

Horner, D., & Platt, D. (2011). When missions shapes the mission. Nashville: B&H.

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