We believe in the ministry of the local church. Fact is that the term local church is redundant. It is our goal to see like minded churches started all over the world. Currently our 14 missionaries (all members of Vision Baptist Church) are aggressively being used to do that in several countries and around the world.

The most effective and the biblical way to reach an area is by planting a church. That is how we will reach more people with the gospel message of Jesus Christ.

We have noticed that newer churches reach new people much more effectively.

All churches should grow and reproduce. We have taught for years that for a church to truly be indigenous it must reproduce. If we teach that for our missionaries and churches overseas we must do so here.

We want to invite you to an internship that will prepare you to start a church. We will help equip you biblically, as well as in leadership and hands on experience with others that are actively involved in church planting.

Vision Baptist Church and Missions as well as BCWE use a “life on life” model to prepare men and women to do the work God has called them to do!

You can listen to a recent Church Planting Conference to learn more about church planting.

We are asking God to allow us to plant reproducing churches all over Fulton County, Georgia as well as other parts of the USA. We are also at the same time planting churches in many parts of the world.

We are a local church based ministry. We are very strong on discipleship, team work, Expository Preaching, and World Evangelism.

If you are interested in helping us plant churches we ask you to learn all about us that you can. You can do that via this blog, worldevangelism.net, visionbaptist.com, and bcwe.org. Listen to the preaching, the music, see the passion, understand the Vision, know our missionaries both staff and strategic partners. Visit our services. Talk to someone on the team but learn all you can.

Pray about coming to Vision. Get involved in a church that is going to plant churches and really wants to help you make a difference with your life

To plant churches with us you must embrace our philosophy, values, goals, and truly have a Vision heart! We want you to have time to get to know us and become a real integral part of the church and team!

We use discipleship and personal accountability in our work. Each of us has to be humble enough to serve and not feel threatened if another teaches and directs us as we learn.
The Our Generation Training Center will become the place that each intern learns the heart, the philosophy and the Biblical methods that are used.

If you are interested you can contact us with your questions. If you feel that God would have you be part of something like this please know that you will be asked to fill out an application and then move to the area and find a job. Then you will get involved in every ministry possible as you prepare to become a church planter!

Check out bcwe.org

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