geek_cartoon1A statement one the teenagers of our church made came to mind as I was preparing to teach my first class of the semester at the O.G.T.C. A couple of weeks ago we hosted the 2009 Expository Bible & Teaching Conference with Dr. Bob Dalton and Nathan Detrick. On thursday night Mr. Detrick taught from I John and II John. It was an incredible night of Bible teaching. Edgar Gonzolez, one of the teenagers, came to immediately after the service. He said something I will never forget.

“That man was like a geek with a new comic book!”

I was taken back for a moment. My first reaction was to talk to him about his bad attitude and disrespect towards this man and Bible teaching. However, knowing this kid I gave him the benefit of the doubt and waited for him to continue.

“This man was so excited about teaching the Bible. At first he seemed geeky. However, I realized that he was excited about the Bible and not some dumb comic book. His excitement caused us to get excited!”

This may sound weird, but could there be a better compliment to a Bible teacher. I pray tonight as I teach from the Pauline Epistles I will get a little “geeky” about it!

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