The fifty-two week epidemic of passion for God’s worldwide glory. Learn what it takes to spread missions excitement and commitment on your college campus or at your church. Filled with unique ideas for becoming a contagious world Christian.

Sample from the introduction..

As a student, one of the greatest things you can possibly do during your college years is to take personal responsibility for spreading this passion across your campus. To realize that God has brought you to your campus for a reason. That He has exposed you to a life- altering, world-changing virus for a purpose.That He has appointed you a carrier of the passion that has the ability to turn the world upside down.

Think about the power that a contained virus has! The smallpox virus, all but extinct in the United States, is still contained in special laboratory vials under careful security and supervision. When you look upon something as small and seemingly impotent as that restrained virus, it is difficult to fully imagine the unequivocal destruction it would create if unleashed upon the population of our country. The spread of its bottled-up power would be disastrously huge…

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