April 17, 1943

Hello Dad and Mom,

Well, I did it again. I am farther away from home now than I have ever been before. I am in the southernmost tip of Texas – Harlingen. Harlingen is the name of the town. The camp is about two miles from town. It isn’t a very big town, just about five thousand boys here, maybe not that many.

I got in here at noon today; started yesterday morning at 10:00.

I will take aerial gunnery here. I suppose I will start to school soon. Anyways, when I do start, it will only take five weeks to finish. I don’t think the training is so hard.

I don’t know too much to write about yet. I have not much more than seen the camp. I’ll write more when I learn something to write about.

Oh yes, I won’t be able to get out of camp until I start school and then only on Saturday and Sunday.

This is a very beautiful country down here and very, very warm. Lots of citrus fruit growing down here; such as oranges, lemons and grapefruits.

Well, so long!

Your Son,


First note about Uncle Charles

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