Tonight the Pastor knocked it out of the park with a great message from Acts 27. Click here to listen to it. I don’t often say he knocks it out of the park and it is not becuase I do not think he is a good preacher. He is a phenomenal preacher and voice for the text. However, when he finishes preaching I don’t think about him I think about how awesome the passage was. I know that is the way it should be and the way he works hard to make it.

I may write more about this later. I am working on an article to post on www.bcwe.org about it and will send it out in our email update. (email me at Trent@bcwe.org) if you do not recieve our BCWE Resources emails.

Paul wanted to get to Rome to spread the Gospel. He had good intentions and the promise of God it would happen. However, a great deal of things had to happen to make that all come together. Paul’s journey turned out to be more legal and complicated then missionary.

  • Acts 21:30-34    Paul arrived in Jerusalem and a riot boke out. Roman soldiers took him into custody. Paul ask for a chance to defend himself to the people. He told them what God was doing in the lives of the Gentiles.
  • Acts 22:24, 25    A Roman commander ordered a beating to get a confession from Paul. Paul made them aware he was a Roman and escaped the whip.
  • Acts 22:30   Paul was brought before the Jewish Council.
  • Acts 23:10   Roman commander put him in protective cutody.
  • Acts 23:21-24   Due to a plot to kill Paul, the commander tranferred him to Caesarea, which was in control of Governor Felix.
  • Acts 23:35  Paul defends himself before Felix.
  • Acts 24:25,26  Paul is put in jail and occassionally gets to speak to Felix and Drusilla.
  • Acts 24:27  Felix was replaced by Festus.
  • Acts 25:1,10  New accusations were brought against Paul.
  • Acts 25:12   Festus promised to send him to Rome.
  • Acts 25:13, 14 Festus discusses Paul’s case with Herod Agrippa II
  • Acts 26:1   Paul tells his story to Agrippa and Festus.
  • 26:24-28  Agrippa interrupts with a sarcastic rejection of the Gospel.
  • Acts 26:30-32   They decide Paul is not quilty and he would have been released accept if he had not appealed to Rome.
  • Acts 27:1,2  Paul left for Rome, courtesy of the Roman Empire.

I left many things out but that is an overview of it. Paul’s journey did not turn out as the way he wanted them to, they worked out even better than we expected.

There is a place in youth ministry that I want to get to asap. It isn’t a number but an ability. When a missionary comes by and makes a plead for a city is in his country (such as Fez, Morocco) we would have a group of young men and women who take responsibility for that city. Some of them will go, some will get stratgic about how they make and invest their money, others will become an advocate for the people through prayer and mobilization.

On my way there I would like to go first class if possible. I do not want to be falsely accused. I do not want anyone to talk bad about me. I do not want people to reject me and the Gospel I present. I do not want any financial trouble. I do not want any health problems. I want it to happen now, right now!

It is so God does not work according to my plan. He makes sure that by the time I get to “Rome” I will prepared for it.

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