Acts 16:1-10

Prayer—ask God to direct you, your thoughts, your heart to know His will James 4:2

Beg God to use you, somewhere, somehow for His honor and glory Romans 12:1, 6:13, 16

Look for chances to pray with others in your group for the world Matthew 18:20

Pray that God will send someone into His harvest Matthew 9:38

Bible reading—Spend extra time reading and seeking His will I Samuel 3:1

As you read ask Him to use the verses to show you what to think and how to apply them to your life
Keep a journal of what you are learning and the thoughts that He is bringing into your mind


Focus your thoughts on Him, His word, His will and His glory Philippians 2:5-11

Meditate on the Lord and what He wants done around the world I Chronicles 16:24, 31, II Chronicles 6:33

Consider your talents and abilities to see how He may have prepared you for this work I Corinthians 15:10, Luke 19:20

Dream—lay awake thinking and planning how your could be used Micah 2:1, Proverbs 4:16, Psalms 38:12


Listen without a critical or “know it all” attitude Proverbs 26:12, 16

Observe the people—watch their faces, the way they deal with their family, put yourself in their place Ezekiel 3:15

Believe that God desires to show you His will

Decide to trust even if you do not know where you are going or how you are going to get there Hebrews 11:8, 6

See the need—is there not a cause I Samuel 17:29

Be careful of your attitude—you are on holy ground Exodus 3:5


Be very helpful to the missionary, group leaders, and nationals Luke 22:27

Remember that the way you act and talk may make an eternal difference in their lives one way or the other II Corinthians 3:2, Titus 2:5

What to expect if He is calling you

He will give you the desire and ability to do it Philippians 2:13

You will have inescapable thoughts

You will fill the necessity and woe laid on you I Corinthians 9:16-17

Finding God’s will is not always so easy or clear even for an apostle


First they visited their churches and left them a copy of the letter from Jerusalem 16:4

They apparently want to preach in Asia but the Holy Spirit forbids them 16:6

Then they try to go to Mysia but the Spirit stops them there too 16:7

Assuredly gathering

Paul has a vision about Macedonia 16:9

He concludes that it is God’s will for Him to go there and so makes plans and seeks or attempts to go there 16:10

Lessons to be learned

Try to do something for God every place and chance you get Ecclesiastes 9:10

You can not be sure where or when God is going to bless Ecclesiastes 11:6

God is not going to use you everywhere you might think

Though God doesn’t open one door of ministry to you keep trying

Know that the best we can do is attempt to do great things for God

We can assuredly gather

Some mistakes in finding God’s will

Basing it upon emotions

Basing it upon my desires, my comfort, my benefit Matthew 6:33

Don’t go through every apparent open door

How did the Spirit forbid and suffer not

Closing doors

Not giving them peace

Later they will go to Asia—it simply wasn’t God’s timing

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