July 1943

Hello Dad,

Well, I’m back on the bean again. I was paid today, so I am sending you a money order for $20.00. I would send more, but you know how things are. I’m only making $50.00 per month, now.

I finished my second week with flying colors. I made 97% on my second week test. That makes three tests I’ve had down here. I have an average of 93%. I hope I can do as well on the next test, for I do want to finish with a good grade. So far, I’ve had the highest average score.

I don’t have much to write about tonight. I just wanted to send some word as I sent the money.

By the way, Dad, I was reading the paper a while ago.

Do you know, Dad, that farms around here in this part of Texas brings $100.00 per acre?

I wish I could live here. It’s the most beautiful weather you ever saw.

Well, so long, Dad.

Yours Ever,


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